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These events remain the only cases, so far, of human beings attacking other human beings with nuclear weapons.But the survivors of these attacks are from from the only people to carry the marks of nuclear warfare in their bodies.In addition, as time goes on, the chances are that you have top up policies which exceed your budget or cover things you don’t need anymore as well.

For example, sellers are required to notify you of any known defects such as leaking roofs, rotten floors or noisy neighbours.

Buying offers you more choices and the opportunity to renovate your home exactly as you like it. The greatest risk a home-buyer faces is ending up in negative equity - or under water, as they say in Dutch.

In the Netherlands, you’ll be liable for repaying the mortgage no matter what happens to your property value.

Your mortgage and other housing costs are often less expensive than renting Mortgage interest is tax deductible You build equity by making monthly payments, and the property will become yours once your mortgage is repaid.

You can profit from rising house prices You can renovate the property however you want And what could go wrong?

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